10 Waterview Boulevard Specifications

General Information





POD – Planned Office District 


731 spaces including 12 handicapped.


Cafe Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Security System

After hours access is via a card access system.
 A CCTV system monitors all three building entrances and the loading dock area.

Irrigation System

The site is fully irrigated.








Flat, metal deck with built up roofing system, rigid insulation with a GAF Rhinobond TPO roof installed in 2016 with a twenty manufacturer’s warranty.

Windows & Mullions                  

Glass panel ribbon glass, butt seamed with no mullions. 

Typical Column Spacing            

24 ' x 28'   

Finished Ceiling Heights            

8 foot, 6 inch typical.

Floor to Slab Heights                

12 foot, 8 inch first and second floors, 15 foot, 8 inch third floor. 


There are 18 exterior balconies.



Stairways/Loading Areas




Number of Stairwells                


Loading Area                             

One loading dock at the rear of the building.








One Men’s and Ladies rooms per floor off of main lobby at the core of the building. All bathrooms completely remodeled in 2017.

Number of Fixtures : Ladies      

Ten toilets and seven sinks per Ladies Room.

Number of Fixtures:  Men’s       

Six toilets, four urinals, and seven sinks per Men’s Room.



ADA Compliance





Twelve handicapped parking spaces located at main entrance.

Entry Doors/Ramp                   

The main entrance is fully compliant with curb cuts, and powered doors.


Common area signage is in compliance.



Mechanical Systems





Heating is provided by perimeter hot water baseboard heat supplied by fourteen modular gas fired furnaces.


Air conditioning is supplied by two 300 ton chillers that supply two 300 ton air handlers. The air handlers supply air to Carrier moduline VAV boxes which provide zoning (one temperature controller per 1,000 sq. ft.) within tenanted spaces

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization system installed in 2020.



Temperature Control     

Temperature controls provided at the rate of one per 1,000 sq. ft.

After Hours HVAC          

Available on 12 hours written notice at an extra charge.

Supplemental HVAC      

Tenants may install their own supplemental HVAC systems.



Electrical System





5000 AMP, 480 volt, three phase, four wire service.

Tenant Electric

Each tenant separately metered by JCP&L for all “plugs & lights” within individual tenant spaces.        

Common area Electric Closets  

 One per floor.




The building is currently serviced by three different fiber optic providers: Optimum Lightpath, Verizon, and AboveNet, Inc.



Fire Protection/Life Safety     




Sprinkler System Description   

 Fully wet sprinklered building with standpipes in each of the fire stairwells.

Fire Alarm/Detection                 

 Smoke detectors and pull stations installed in atrium and elevator lobbies, waterflow sensors monitor fire sprinkler waterflow. All devices monitored by a Fire Lite fire panel which is monitored by a UL listed central station which dispatches fire dept. upon alarm condition.

Emergency Generator              

 The building is equipped with a 150 KW Kohler diesel generator for the building's emergency lighting circuits