Loading Dock and Deliveries

All deliveries at 10 Waterview Boulevard  are made through the loading dock area on the west side of the building and transported to tenant space through the freight corridor and into the freight elevator for the second and third floors.  . This practice is important because it:

  • Maintains the professional image of the building by keeping the front entry clear of delivery traffic
  • Limits the wear and tear caused by deliveries to one location
  • Keeps the Fire Lane in front of the building clear to comply with fire codes

Signs are placed on the property to direct deliveries to these entrances and tenants are asked to communicate these instructions to their delivery vendors and personnel.

Both small (courier service, office supply, water delivery, etc.) and large deliveries are expected to use the loading dock. 


Large Deliveries

For large deliveries such as furniture, equipment or a large quantity of supplies, arrangements must be made at least 48 hours in advance with Property Management. Deliveries must be scheduled outside normal business hours and must be supervised by a tenant representative and a representative of Building Management at Tenant's expense.