Tenant Handbook

Engineering Services

Services Provided

Our engineering team is responsible for the routine maintenance, plumbing, electrical, lighting and HVAC service for all common areas of the building. Tenants are responsible for maintaining suite finishes and equipment which are within Tenant spaces such as light bulbs and ballasts, kitchens, private bathrooms, furniture, wallpaper, special lights, etc. However, should the need for above standard repairs arise, the Management Office can arrange for the work to be done at tenant's expense.


If a need for repairs is noticed throughout the building, please notify the Management Office by submitting a Tenant Service Request. Our staff welcomes your information and assistance in maintaining a first-class office environment.

HVAC Services

If the temperature in your office needs adjustment during normal operating hours, please initiate a Tenant Service Request and it will be routed immediately to engineering personnel. Normal operating hours for central heating and air conditioning are specified within each tenant's lease. Outside of those hours, tenants may request after hours HVAC with advanced notice at an additional charge on an hourly basis. The rate at which tenants are charged is sometimes stipulated in the lease; if not, the tenant is charged at the building standard rate. After- hours HVAC is usually billed on a monthly basis.