Tenant Handbook

Chemical, Biological, and Radioactive (CBR) Release

If there is a CBR release including an envelope “white powder” and potential exposure call 911 and the Property Management office. Provide the building's address, your floor and phone number, and also what type of spill has occurred. Any person(s) exposed should be directed to an area where they and where other people will not become contaminated, and are to await medical attention there.

Take appropriate action to contain the hazard; close doors behind you, and always follow all safety procedures when working with toxic materials.

  • Contain the material and isolate the area.to minimize the impacted area
  • Contain the material to minimize the number of individuals exposed
  • If outside, identify wind direction and ASAP direct unaffected persons upwind of release.
  • Contain the potentially impacted individuals to ensure that they receive proper medical attention 


  • Notify Property Management Office
  • Notify local Emergency Response Authorities (Call 911)
  • Notify your supervisor
  • Notify persons in the area 


If material is released, potentially impacted individuals should move from immediate area to adjacent control area.

Minimize activities until appropriate response staff arrives. If absolutely necessary, move impacted individuals into nearest bathroom facility on floor.

Non-impacted individuals on the impacted floor should be evacuated and await further instructions from response team.

The HVAC (heating and ventilation) system for impacted and adjacent areas, as well as for bathrooms/kitchens will be immediately turned off by the property engineers.

Isolate the impacted area(s), e.g. shut door during exit. Do not allow any unprotected personnel into the impacted area.

Retain all impacted material for response team.

Should an evacuation or re-location become necessary, the initial authority and responsibility to implement that response will be the building’s Emergency Action Plan Director. Once the agency having jurisdiction (police, fire etc…) arrives on the scene, they will assume control of the situation.