Tenant Handbook

Elevator Entrapment

Occasionally elevator service can be interrupted when the elevator controls detect a potential malfunction. The building elevator equipment is designed to stop at the slightest hint of an unsafe condition occurring, which may impact service to passengers.

If elevator service is interrupted while you are a passenger, remain CALM. Do not attempt to force the elevator doors open or leave the cab.

Press the “EMERGENCY ALARM BUTTON” on the elevator panel which will summon assistance. Two way voice communication is available in all building elevators and an operator will remain in constant contact.

Once communication is established with an operator, the elevator mechanic will be notified to respond. Please stay away from the elevator doors and Do Not try to open the elevator doors.

Inform security of the following:

  • Number of people in the elevator? 
  • Condition of people in the elevator? 
  • Number of injuries? 
  • Condition of the elevator? 
  • Names of people in the elevator? 
  • Company names? 
  • Telephone numbers? 
  • Who you would like notified?

Elevator phone operator personnel will maintain constant communication with the elevator occupants checking on physical condition and inform them that elevator staff is working on the condition.