Tenant Handbook

Fire Preparedness

The Fire Provisions section of this handbook contains very important information. Each tenant should be familiar with the information provided on the following pages. Listed below are a number of links to help find specific information quickly and easily.

Avison Young is proud of its efforts to provide the highest possible level of fire and life safety protection, which include fire safety education, as well as emergency planning It is important that each Avison Young tenant is well informed on all issues related to fire and life safety through the following measures:

  • Tenants are given materials describing emergency guidelines and bomb threat checklists for distribution to all employees.
  • The Tenant Fire Safety Team personnel receive training from the building’s Emergency Action Plan Director and through the Tenant Emergency Procedure Manual written specifically for your building. 
  • Avison Young holds annual fire life safety drills to insure tenants know how to react in an emergency. 
  • Avison Young provides additional fire life safety training for tenants through an on line life safety training website that provides training modules in fire, medical, bomb threats, power failures and access to all of the building’s safety resources.