Tenant Handbook

Suspicious/Unattended Packages

Identifying a Suspicious/Unattended Package
A suspicious letter or parcel might have some of the following indicators:

  • Origin - Postmark or name of sender is unusual, unknown, or no further address is given. 
  • Postage - Excessive or inadequate postage.
  • Balance - The letter is lopsided or unusually thick. 
  • Weight - The letter or package seems heavy for its size.
  • Contents - Stiffness or springiness of contents; protruding wires or components; oily outer wrapping or envelope; feels like it contains powdery substance (When checking, do not bend excessively.) 
  • Smell - Particularly almond or other suspicious odors.
  • Writing - Handwriting of sender is not familiar or indicates a foreign style not normally received by recipient. Common words or names are misspelled.
  • Rub-on block lettering.

Handling a Suspicious/Unattended Package

  • Notify Security/Property Office.
  • Do not excessively handle or open a suspicious package. 
  • Immediately segregate it in an unused room or space.
  • Attempt to verify the sender and/or the legitimacy of the package (i.e. ask the recipient if he/she was expecting a package that matches the suspect package's size and shape.)
  • If the letter or parcel remains suspect, call the police.